I welcome all the creatures of the world with grace. – The Voice of Hildegard of Bingen

The work of Hildegard of Bingen is so powerful – the music, the herbal knowledge and the spiritual confidence.  Thanks to Linn Maxwell, an internationally known mezzo soprano who has written and is performing a one woman show,  “Hildegard of Bingen”.  This show is an exciting opportunity to hear Ms Maxwell sing Hildegard of Bingen compositions while accompanying herself on medieval instruments.  She makes use of original letters written by Hildegard in crafting a narrative from one of the few women in history who was empowered with sacred authority, and left a legacy for those of us today who Imagewonder what women were doing across history other than dying in childbirth.  Here’s the promo video

You can also check for her schedule of performances.

Sacred Father: Now and Forever

St Julians

In the small twin bed at All Hallows guest house, part of the Julian Centre in Norwich, I dreamt of the sacred father archetype. The father was in a river holding a boat by a rope, as was I holding my own boat by a rope in a river, and the father looked into my eyes and started to sing, holding my gaze, singing into my heart with a flow of love.

What song did he sing to me? “Woman” by John Lennon.

What words did he sing in the dream? “I looooove yoooou-ou-ou, no-o-ow, now and fore-ever”

How did he sing? He sang gently, quietly almost a whisper.

And when I woke to look upon St Julian’s, across Sister Pamela’s garden, from the little twin bed in St Anne’s room, the world was much changed.

Julian Friends Usher In Cold Stone, White Lily

A beautiful night in the city of Norwich, just a few blocks from the Lady Julian Bridge spanning the River Wensum, at the Julian Center.  September 27 was the official launch event for Cold Stone, White Lily, a book of poems by Anne Bailey, published by the Friends of Julian.

Dr. Brian Thorne introduced the work and the poet with tremendous eloquence and humor. Anne Bailey then spoke about Anne Wyngfield, the 14th century anchoress in the poems, who would have been a contemporary of Julian of Norwich, living in East Anglia as well.

See the Facebook page for the album of the event.

The book is now available in the UK at the Julian Centre in Norwich.